Private Services


13775392_1208467059165107_5943423532469901560_nEach process begins with a private consultation in which some behavioural modification can take place, depending on the problem at hand.

It is important to remember that there are rarely any “miracle fixes” and that dedication, a willingness to adapt lifestyle and commitment is required from owners.

A training plan will be created during the session. Training plans may include:

Further Behavioural Modification Sessions

Training walks

Private obedience sessions

Joining The Academy

Joining The Dog Jog

Just Dogs caters for the following problems, and more!

We love any challenge given to us

Destructive behaviour

Hyperactivity and Attention seeking

Anxiety based problems

Lifestyle Adaptation (or lack of)

Introducing new animals to the home

House training and general manners

“Aggressive” behaviour

 The Dog Jog is a great service for many clients with hyperactive or destructive dogs, often all a dog needs is an energy outlet, basic training and a routine to live happily.

Please see The Dog Jog pages for more details.

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