Testimonials and References

Taryn – Luffy and Emma:
Lucy has been a saving grace to us! Our puppies were adopted around the same time, from different litters, which we thought would be ideal. All went well the first two months, but then they started to fight on a daily basis. The intensity of the fights escalated to a point where we started to desperately seek help. Our Vet suggested Lucy and we took the risk to phone her for advice. An appointment was promptly made and she visited us at home to see what the issues with our pups were. During and after the visit we were given friendly and precise advice on how and what to do. Honestly, we listened and applied what Lucy has taught us in that brief time and it has done wonders! Our dogs don’t fight, are friendly towards other animals and people and are a joy to raise.

Amanda – Duke:
When Duke arrived at our door at about 16 weeks old, we were not even quite sure if he was the so called “Great dane” we were expecting. Even though we paid money for him, I call him our “rescue animal”. He was skin and bones, full of ticks and flees, scars and scratches from the other ‘who knows how many’ dogs on the farm he came from and TERRIFIED! Once we had bathed him, we realised that he was in fact black and not the dull grey colour we assumed.

The next few months were challenging to say the least. He was so fearful of people that we couldn’t even show him affection without him running away, wetting all over the place and he even bit one of our children on the head one day that it drew blood. We decided to get in a dog specialist immediately or else poor Duke would need to find another home. Fortunately the lady gave us some relief by advising that he was not aggressive, just very nervous and anxious. We then went on our journey of extra love and calming behaviour training.

Duke became more trusting over time, but still very nervous and two of our greatest challenges remained 1) He was digging our garden up into landmines and the biggest problem 2) that he was terrified of the leash… and I mean mission impossible to even get the collar on! My husband is not a small man and he lost the fight one day trying, left scratched and bruised after a lock down wrestle in the corner of our garden! So this meant no walks and a bored “horse” in our back yard who was not stimulated!

Our turning point with Duke:

We were referred to Lucy in November 2014 who rushed over to help. All I can say is, thank goodness I did not tell her that my husband said he would pay her double her rate if she could get Duke on a leash and out the gates (…oops did I say that out loud?)! Within just 3 weeks of training only twice a week, she had him all strapped up and out for his first walk. Freedom for Dukey – and he loved it!!! From that point there was no turning back.

Now, two months later when Dukey (and his two pals Kola and Honey) hear Lucy arrive, they literally break through our trellis-door to say hello and drag her out the gates for their walk. He is far more peaceful, happier and even far less destructive. Today again we were even more amazed at her talent when she told us how both Duke and Kola walked without a leash and ran freely in the park – of course with one call, they were both at her side again, clipped in and ready for homeward bound.

I would highly recommend Lucy to anyone, no matter how hopeless your situation seems, whether it be for training or walking… your furry friends will adore her as much as ours do! Thank you Lucy… we all love you!

Alison – Nala: 
I am delighted to provide a reference for Lucy Breytenbach for Just Dogs Behavioural Service.  I contacted Lucy, over a year ago, when I needed advice and assistance with our gorgeous Cocker Spaniel, Nala.  Nala was very boisterous and quite a handful when on a lead.  Nala did not come into contact with other dogs and when she did – it was chaos. 

Lucy took Nala on regular walks introducing her to other dogs, thus allowing her to socialize and interact without too much excitement. Lucy is passionate and totally dedicated in assisting animal owners enabling them to understand their pets.  Walking with Nala is no longer stressful and it is rather cute when she greets all her four legged friends on her daily walk with me.

When I returned to work full time, Lucy assisted me further by walking Nala every day, albeit she was fully booked.  She went the extra mile by taking her on walks with her other “clients” often looking after her for extended periods of time.   She is always on hand to answer any queries and regularly gives me updates on Nala’s progress often with photographs, which is thoroughly enjoyable receiving them, knowing that Nala is in good hands and not lonely and pining at home.

With the above in mind, I have not hesitation in recommending Lucy’s animal behavioural services.   

Jenni – Rufus, Goia and Amber:
“A rare find in Melkbos – Lucy Breytenbach, dog walker and animal behaviourist. Young, bubbly, friendly and pleasant disposition with a gentle and caring attitude. She is encouraging and professional in her approach and expert in her field.

Ask me, I was at my wits end having just adopted two more dogs and now having three to walk! She takes away the stress and fear of not being able to manage. She stimulates the dogs who look forward to their walking days with Aunty Lucy! Most important of all, she is value for money. What a gem! I highly recommend her!”

Jo – Zorro
“Lucy has been walking Zorro my 8 year old German Shepard for more than a year now. She knows no bounds for her love of animals (even gave him a Xmas card and gift!!)

She is polite friendly and will go the extra mile even taking him for runs on the beach. Always there in rain, sun and wind, ever attentive to her charges. Lucy is totally trustworthy and obliging. She is committed to her responsibilities and it was difficult finding a person of this calibre. I wholeheartedly recommend her!”