The Dog Jog

The-Dog-Jog-(7)Is your dog overweight, over excited, lonely at home all day or just in need of a little bit of extra exercise?

We aim to give each dog exactly what they need, whether that be a good run, a quiet stroll or a bit of training and socialising – their needs are of the upmost importance to us.  Upon inquiry, I will set up a free consultation with you and your animals to discuss their needs and how my team and I can help. After filling out a few boring forms, we are ready to go!

We are able to walk in small groups, individually, on lead or off lead depending on your preference. We can do concrete walks, beach runs, a quite stroll or an off lead run in an enclosed area; whatever you and your dog would prefer!

  • Each walk is approximately 30-45 minutes of fun and exercise
  • All walks are on lead unless otherwise requested by you
  • Water is provided during and after the walk
  • Dry down is provided if your dog is wet or sandy

Jogging for behaviour

Often, an over-excited or “naughty” dog, regardless of their age, is simply under exercised or under stimulated. If this is the case, regular walks with basic training along the way is the perfect tool.

We aim to teach your dogs the manners they need to be able to be a better dog for you. We use positive reinforcement and can even give you a few tips about taking your dog out yourself to make the experience a bit more pleasant!

If your dog is in need of a bit of extra attention we also offer one-on-one in house training with you.

Jogging for fitness

Some dogs just have trouble keeping the weight off! If your vet has asked you to exercise your dog more for health or behavioural reasons then please contact us to give you a helping paw.

As a Veterinary nutritional adviser, I am also qualified to give nutritional advice with regards to the correct diet for your dogs, as well as handy tips to help them lose weight. You can even join the weigh-less regime with us and keep track of your dogs weight loss progress!


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